Ballerinas in the Countryside (Bianca)

Brittany, Bianca and Michelle dance for the Ballet Theatre of San Luis Obispo.  Graceful, beautiful, elegant, sweet… I could go on and on about these wonderful young ladies.  These girls were mature way beyond their years and just full of personality.   Thank you all for waking up at the crack of dawn to model in the freezing cold.  I will do a separate post of each ballerina with some group shots at the end.  First up, the lovely Bianca.  She is a 17 year old high school student who is very multi-talented…  singer/songwriter, actress, ballerina and the current reigning Miss Teen California Latina.


I’d like to thank Amanda Gilbert of Untamed Petals, New York for the gorgeous hair adornments.  I wish you all could see these accessories in person, truly a work of art.  (By the way, Amanda’s hair accessories were used in the dance shoot on America’s Top Model this week – congratulations!!).

Art Direction, Hair + Makeup, Set Design & Styling was done by the unbelievably talented Emily Baker of Frenchie and Flea and her assistant Annie.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!  That’s all I have to say.  Please visit Frenchie and Flea to learn more about this session from her perspective.

Finally, I’d like to thank Theresa Slobodnik, the director of the Ballet Theatre of San Luis Obispo for all of her support in this project.

**  The Ballet Theatre of San Luis Obispo will be performing Coppélia on April 24-25 at the Performing Arts Center in San Luis Obispo.  I can’t wait to see these three girls on stage, I know they will be fantastic. **



what beautiful vision you have to put this together and a great team too!!
love them.. off to see more of your work!

s h e r r y

Omigosh. I saw these on Salt&Prep and HAD to visit your blog! <3 These are LOVELY.

Paul and Golda Viren

Blushing pastel shyness. A wonderful harmony between the lavender dress, the blue bicycle, and the light-colored hair ribbon, contrasting the ballerina’s (biker’s) dark hair. Facial expression solemn, alert, tranquil, almost gloomy. Feature blends into the gloomy background. The flowers carried by the bicycle blend in with the rest of nature. The pavement the ballerina rests on looks almost like a reflective lake. An awesome capture of rare harmony of man and nature.


Just gorgeous photos, and Bianca is a very lovely young lady!


Very professional. Good work! These are quality photo’s.


Amazing photos!


awesome photos!


Nice photos in a beautiful setting. I’m sure it took a lot of hard work by both the photographer and the model to make such beautiful shots!

amy w

these are so high fashion i LOVE them!


Wonderful photos setting the mood of an era long since past and set in a land far away.

Amanda Elkins

Great job Gina! They look great!


Very nice!


Very lovely. Bianca is beautiful and the pictures are gorgeous.

Camille Lopez

What stunning photographs! Bianca and the others are gorgeous, the colors are so rich and beatiful. They belong in a high fashion magazine. Great job!


Wow.. she is sooo beautiful! The one on the bike is gorgeous. Your photography is a work of art!


These are beautiful. Amazing photography and gorgeous models, love the scenery.


The color-sharing in photo 2 (bicycle) between the blue bicycle and blue glass bottles, along with the lavender dress, flowers and wildflowers/grasses is great, and I like the look right with space left composition. Enjoyed these a lot!


Wow~these are very high quality photos that should be in a gallery in NY or something. Very stunning!


WOW! These look like high quality photos you’d see in a gallery in NY or in a high fashion mag.

elizabeth pellette

I am so loving these…


The photos are incredible. Bianca is stunning.


WOOOOOOOOW!!!! What an incredibly beautiful shoot. Well done with the styling/props as well!


Gorgeous photographs! A beautiful mix between vintage and fairytale, the costume choice and the hair and makeup work extremely well together. Nicely done :)


Some of the most aesthetic photography I’ve ever seen – captures the natural beauty of the art and person – congratulations Bianca!

Tracy Day

Amazing photography, Biance you are stunning.


Ballerinas in the countryside WOW! Such beautiful photos.


Excellent models,compositions,format and pose. Well done!

Tawney Hudson

Bianca, great job. Your father is so proud of you!

Lizz P

Beautiful pictures! I love that concept too! Ballerinas in the meadows!

Lizz P

Bianca! You are amazing! I’m so proud for going out and making all of this happen! You are so going places and I have no doubts why!

Francisco Velasquez

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The girls have a future in modeling. Her looks totally come from her devoted father Mark Mettler.

Javier Velasquez

Beautiful pictures I love the background settings and scenery. Her looks are totally from her dad Hollywood Mark Mettler.

tommy yang

These pictures were looks so gorgeous. You did a good job.

Pamela McLaughlin

Such a sweet view of our area here on the central coast. The girls had a fun time that morning. You were considerate to them. Thank you for your vision.


i love bianca’s!!!

Bianca Mettler

Thank you for the lovely feature Gina! The photos are absolutely stunning. It was so nice to work with you and Emily. Can’t wait for the next shoot!!

craig armstrong

Great photographs, very artistic. I especially like the expressions on the faces of the models, very nice.


Such beautiful photography! The simple details throughout ad to the beauty of the scenes. As for the ballerina, you truly captured a vision of loveliness & grace in the countryside. The photos are absolutely gorgeous!Dunnia L.

Donna Lane


These photos are stunning. I very much agree with Mark Andrew, your photos are worthy to be on a cover of a magazine. The photos of Bianca are just beautiful.

Tom Jenkins

What beautiful photos. You are a truly gifted photographer. Bianca is beautiful and you brought out the best in her.


inspired. can’t wait to see more.

Mark Andrew

These photos should be on the cover of magazines at the checkout stands everywhere. What a contrast having the ballerinas in the fields and they look so peaceful and radiant, graceful.


Gina – these are beyond amazing. Simply breath-taking!

Gabrielle Mettler

These are some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. I truly enjoyed sharing the morning with you and the lovely ballerinas. Thank you. Gabrielle

nicolette autumn

Wow, so beautiful! “Swan Lake” meets “Alice in Wonderland”. Bianca you’re gorgeous babe, so are your friends, brilliant photographer!

Jennifer N

These are definitely not your teen portraits which is a wonderful thing. These young teens are so lucky to have these images to treasure such a proud time in their life! They ballerinas are as beautiful as your photographs.

lydia {ever ours}

beautiful!! lovely gorgeous work, gina!


OH MY…these take my breath away.


Gina, these pics are so gorgeous. I would love to have these on my walls. The parents are going to be so happy!! You are such an amazing photographer. Love them all!!


Gina, you are true visionary! Can I come hang out with your for a day??


Not sure that I’ve ever commented before but certainly had to today- stunning work! Oh my, I truly said wow out loud. Congrats, you did a lovely job. Of course the girls didn’t hurt the project, they are beautiful. Gonna go look at the pics again. ;)

kamee june

absolutely stunning gina. seriously breathtaking!! wish i could be a part of the city shoot; what an incredible experience!! and such incredible talent!!

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