Fifty-two on Fridays : [28] Summer

“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining,
the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing,
and the lawn mower is broken.” ~ James Dent

My family just came back from a fabulous vacation at a place called Leoni Meadows (next week’s posts will be dedicated to our adventure).   This is my husband having the most fun at Jenkinson Lake, about 40 minutes from our campground.  This photo reminds me of my childhood.  My parents would take me, my sister, my brother and my cousin to Bass Lake, every year.  It was always the 2nd week of August because the first week of August was the annual Southwestern Youth Music Festival.  From the day school got out to the day of the competition, we practiced like crazy, but at the end of it all, we had our water-skiing trip waiting for us.  My dad would get so excited when my sister and I got up on our skis at the same time, lol.  So, to me, summer = boating at the lake.

I can’t believe we are midway through this project.  You can see how it all started by clicking here.  You are in for a treat now, because my talented friend Jules Trandem | San Diego Child and Family Photographer is up next!!  Have a great weekend, everyone!!



did not know my hyung-boo was so talented….

Kelsey {Las Vegas Wedding Photographer}

That looks like so much fun!

Rebecca Mitchell {FreshFromGod Photography}

ahhh, that looks so fun! Nice capture!


Ah Water! That water looks gorgeous! I bet your kids are going to love remembering this with yoU!

Sara T

His face and that aqua blue water says it all!! Beautiful form ;)

Val Spring

Awesome shot!!! It looks like you guys had an awesome time on your trip!


I have very fond memories of boating at the lake. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to get up any more! I’m a little out of shape! Cool image!

Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer}

Oh i think the lake is calling me, gorgeous photo Gina! The summer time is SO lake time for sure!

Shannon Harrison

How much fun is this shot! I love Bass Lake too- great memories there!


This looks like so much fun! That water is gorgeous! Makes me wish I knew how to water ski.

Amy C

This is great! So fun and I love the color.


that water looks cold!!! so glad that you and your family could get away and have some fun together! love this of dan!


lake trips are the best! what a fun colorful shot!

Jasmine Sargent

Love this! It is so fun! And look how blue that water is, gorgeous!

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