Photo-A-Day: Day 25

One photo a day of my children during the entire month of January. That is what this “Photo-A-Day” Project is.

It was “Snow Day” at my son’s school. They brought in this machine that turned ice into snow. I think it was the first time that many of these children saw snow. My son went sledding once in his life, but he has no recollection of it. When the children first went to the mound of snow, they did not know what to do? Snowballs, snowman, snow angels… these words mean nothing to these children. So, the parents just kind of watched to see what they would do. Do you know what they ended up doing? THEY ATE THE SNOW. It was so funny because that’s what they came up with. The children could not stop eating it and that is how they played in the snow. It was hilarious. Oh, and after 20 minutes, they were done because it was too cold.  It was 78 degrees outside, but they couldn’t handle how their hands and feet felt after a while, lol.  I think Elizabeth Pellette is going to email me now and tell me that it’s ridiculous to pay a lot of money to BUY snow, but that’s what we Californians have to resort to, lol…

Jae jun - 01/27/2011 - 5:07 am

hi nu-na
how’s going down there?
it’s too cold here.
A-ryun has been married in last dec.
My mom’s cancer has recuured.
time is fast.
only an year left that I’ll quit from military service.
I miss u and i hope to c u soon.
take care~

tara k - 01/26/2011 - 11:00 am

SO CUTE! being from wisconsin, it cracks me up that you have to pay for what we have ENTIRELY TOO MUCH of. ;) love that they were able to experience this…what a great memory it will be!

elizabeth pellette - 01/26/2011 - 4:35 am

hahahah no not ridiculous to pay for it ( ahemmm ) .. but I could of sent you a ton from my yard alone.. I think its cool that they did that though to let the kids experience it.. its also hysterical that they ate it.. but my kids do the same thing they go out with cups and make slushies out of it.. ( ya just gotta watch for yellow snow thats a no no ) I am glad they had fun.. I love your sons face in this shot.. like Whattt is thisss. I have the same look on my face the entire winter.. hahah.. Love Ya..

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