class of 2010 ~ sydney

another beautiful young lady entering her senior year of high school, let’s get right to it!!

g:  what high school are you graduating from?

s:  arroyo grande high school

g:  do you know what college or university you will be attending at this time?

s:  i have no idea where i want to go to college, but most likely a smaller private college.  somewhere i can get really involved in.

g:  what do you want to be when you grow up?

s:  I don’t know! I really enjoy science, but I also really enjoy public speaking, so we’ll see where those two interests take me.


g:  what extra-curricular activities were you in?

s:  I play golf, am in ASB (leadership) at my HS, and am involved in my youth group.


g:  what is your fondest high school memory?

s:  Ohh, this question is the hardest! I would say Junior year… golf season, but that’s not to mention the amazing weekends that year as well. I know there will be even more great times this senior year.

thank you, sydney!!  enjoy your final year in high school.

**25 comments from arroyo grande high school students will earn leeann a free 8×10 print!!**

Jennifer N - an old beat up truck? OMG… to die for! I thought newborns was your thing… but I am beginning to think Seniors are calling for you. Great session as always.

V - incredible. love the colors and composition. tack sharp!

Debbie Grammer - Love all the different shots. I’m sure your senior will love these photos. What a beautiful girl.

Kristy - These are beautiful! :) Love that first one so much!

april - Absolutely stunning. The lighting is amazing! Beautiful girl and beautiful photos, as always Gina!!

heidi park - this young lady looks like a movie star. these pics should go in teen vogue.

Cama - Okay so the second and fourth images are TO DIE FOR!!! Love love love them. The train image is my fav, it looks like it is straight out of a magazine! I love the vintage feel to it too!

James - Stunning, just stunning.

ellie yannis - Wow Syd you look so amazing in all the pictures! It is great photography, you are so photogenic.

DLove - These are so pretty! I love them. My favorite ones are the last two :)

Emily Potter - Sydney these are so pretty, I love the last two. Great pictures.

Tara Sanchez - Sydney, I am very impressed these are stunning photos of you! They capture YOU!

Mariah Hilbert - Your soooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

ramses - The third one is my favorite for sure!

Mareon Smit - Syd you look stunning!!! These pics are amazing!

Andrew - I liked the ones that you were in the best.

Gina - Wow syd you are so beautiful and I love you so much! You look stunning! :)

Katie Sverchek - SYD!! these pictures are beautiful!!!

nicole leger - so pretty syd! i love them!

Marty - These are beautiful pics! The truck shot is my favorite.

Kevinnnnnnn - u look super russian in the train one haha

Jamie - These are really pretty, Sydney :)

Mel J - They’re all so cool!!! I really like the third one

Olivia - Syd those are beautiful!!!

Jenna - so pretty sydney!!

Amanda H. - wow! syd you are so gorgeous! i love all of these pictures

Laura Lee Pavlich - i know i am not an ag highschool student, but had to comment anyway! You are beautiful Sydney! Great pictures, and a great girl you are.
Also, do you offer golf lessons to 4 and 5 year olds??

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