baby j

baby j was the sweetest baby ever.  oddly enough, he is my first korean baby and i loved every moment of this session.  dad is a seattle seahawks fan so we did a special photo of him and their future nfl quarterback.  don’t you love how baby j is holding on to daddy’s finger?  so precious…  thank you j & l for bringing your beautiful baby boy all the way up to the central coast.  it was an absolute pleasure to take pictures of your son.  25 comments from family and friends on this post and baby j will receive a free 8×10 on me!!





I LOVE this one!! I just found out I am having a boy yesterday and I would love a newborn picture like this!

Cathy Lee

Lillian…He is the most precious thing!!! You did good! =)


#25! the idea for the 2nd photo is ingenious. now i really hope joey can have a son someday…


What a cute little baby! Judy showed me these pics!

jenny souh

baby j is adorable! the blue diaper looks great on him =).


amazing baby pics! how did you take the pic of baby j on a football without waking him?


eek! i love it! (especially his little blue nappie. haha…)

Sarah Cho

awwww he is adorable!! i cant wait to see him in person!


These are superb Gina! I really love how this newborn session is unique for the family and dad’s love for the Seahawks. You need to have a gallery or site soon so we can all see more!!!!!


Looks like our future Superbowl… kicker err.. waterboy.. love the pic


nice. i love the one with the football. very creative.


These pictures are amazing! Can’t wait to see them all! Baby J keeps getting cuter & cuter!!


great picture! too bad baby j’s gonna grow up rooting for the seahawks…

Mary Chung

So cute! Baby J is lovely. Nice jersey John. :)


That Seahawks picture is the best! Poor kid is going to have a life full of sadness as a hawks fan, but it builds character!


Baby J you lucky to have a chance to meet such a nice photographer. It’ awesome. I’m very proud to be your grandma.

sonja wright

These are so cute!! Gina you have such an awesome vision, love the football pose! I am sure dad does too.


I love the Seahawks picture! It’s going up blown up on my game room wall!! (when I get a game room…..) The actual picture taking was much easier than I thought. Gina did an awesome job.


SO CUTE! Can’t wait to meet the little guy! =)


How cute is he!! Beautiful job as usual!!!


Gotta love the 2nd pic. hahaha. John would do that.

Debbie Grammer

Love it… and you forgot to tell me about it!!

heidi k.

These pics are too cute for words! Showing all my friends immediately. Haha, thanks for taking these great pics. Love the cameo, John.


awwwww!!!! too cute for words!!! i love the pics!!

Jessica Kim

wow, the pictures are awesome! joshua is getting so big! :) i esp love the football one. let the brainwashing begin!

Laurie K.

gina, you ROCK! Your newborn pictures continue to blow me away and I LOVE the football with daddy!!!

lillian lee

gina! you are fabulous- you are such a talented photographer and we are so lucky to have done this with you. it was great seeing you and your family!

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