Happy Father’s Day

“I love my father as the stars – he’s a bright shining example and a happy twinkling in my heart.”  ~Terri Guillemets

(my hubby and my girl)

Kristy - Beautiful!! And so sweet:)

elizabeth pellette - awwwww.. wonderful.. moments they will cherish forever

Jen - love love love…

tara k - there is nothing quite like a daddy and his little girl…these are gorgeous and will be a great joy for your daughter as she grows up. love that you did this for them, gina!

edda - Awwww… I love these Gina!Just precious!

Kim - what a priceless gift you have captured for both of them. beautiful Gina!

Pam - Amazing imagery has been captured in these black and white photos! What a gift for this daughter to keep; long after she has grown up she will have this moment in time (with her dad), captured, because of her mother’s vision and talent.

Jules - beautiful session with your sweets! I LOVE that first one!!!

john - great pictures!

binh - Love this session…that first photo melts my heart! Seriously, how did you ever convince your hubby to do this? Getting my husband to take pictures is like pulling teeth!

crave photography - Your husband is totally hot! You guys make the cutest couple ever!! And these pics…astounding. I love it! My goodness, what treasures!

joanne cheng - I love the shoes shot – especially the little sparkle on her shoe!

Cama - omg…so sweet! What a beautiful family you have! Your daughter will cherish these imagaes for a lifetime!

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