Into the Woods

I had actually gone to Utah to learn about off camera flash.  Though I am purely a natural light photographer, I still believe that one should be knowledgeable in all areas and if the situation presents itself, be able to use it if necessary.  I learned from the ever fabulous Nichole Van and we took some amazing shots at some outrageous locations.  I would actually post some, but it was my first time ever, so the images didn’t turn out quite as I had expected.  A lot of practice is in order.  I did, however, capture these shots of her daughter in her BACKYARD (to die for backyard, people) and it was very misty.  It started raining 5 minutes into the session.  I loved the somber mood.

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer.  For the newbie photos, practice your 4th of July pics before the weekend.  That way you’ll know exactly how to expose for them this Sunday.  Have a great day, everyone!

Gina - Love the scene. Beautiful work!

Kiwi - Gorgeous. I love the first image.

Cindy - These look so dreamy!

crave photography - Gina you should enter that top shot somewhere. I’m serious…it is so cool and mystical and moody!

Nichole Van - Woman! How did I miss these?!! They are just amazing . . . . . so in love! Thank you so much!

C-tvillingmamma - Magic!!! LOVE IT!

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