Kamee June’s Family

There is this photographer that I ADORE and her name is Kamee June!  She is a rock star photographer that does portrait and wedding work beautifully (hard to do equally well, in my opinion) and holds workshops all over the United States.  I stare at her images for hours at a time.  She is Jessica Claire’s “go-to” gal and when she books fancy-schmancy weddings in New York (click here to see) and such, Kamee June is who she brings along (lucky girl, green with envy here).  HOWEVER, what I LOVE most about KJ is that she is really DOWN TO EARTH and hilarious.  When she emails me or posts comments on my blog, I can’t stop laughing.  It is always an honor when another photographer asks you to take photos of their family and it means a LOT to me that I got to do this for Kamee June.  This was a gift to her husband and the grandparents in these photos are her in-laws.  I have got to tell you this story about how I got to this location (Balboa in Orange County).  So, I was vacationing in Carlsbad and Kamee had told me to meet her at the pier.  So, I figured, I have a GPS, so I’ll just input the address and I will just follow the directions to the place.  Easy enough, right?  WRONG!!  First of all, there are TOLL ROADS in Orange County and you can’t pay cash or by credit card.  You have to have some dumb pass thingamajig to get on that particular highway.  Problem is, the GPS didn’t allow me to take another route besides that particular road.  So after going here and there (and mind you, I am directionally-challenged, yes I made up that word, you get the picture), I get to Orange County.  Sigh of relief, right?  I continue to follow the directions and next thing I know, it leads me to the WATER.  I call Kamee, and I tell her, the GPS is telling me to go over the water and there’s no BRIDGE OR ANYTHING?!!  Then I notice that it says to get on a ferry, so I call Kamee and I tell her that the GPS is telling me to get on the ferry.  So Kamee then tells me to get on the ferry.  In my car?  Yes, in your car.  How was I am supposed to get on the ferry in my car and go over the water.  LOL!  Oh, the drive was a bit stressful, but oh so worth it because on the other side was Kamee June, waiting for me as I drove onto land again.  We were cracking up so hard, it was hilarious!!  I don’t think I will ever forget that day, haha.  You have a beautiful family, Kamee, and I can’t wait until I see you again!

s h e r r y - :) How cute! I met Kamee at Jessica’s workshop in February, and she’s such a sweetheart!

kamee june - gina, from my heart, thank you for these images and the memories!! you have reminded me of my most important job this morning and i am grateful for that! thank you for your kind words and for the smile, and remembrances that sparked some laughs!!! sorry you had to take a ferry!! thank you again, i love these pictures so much!!! xoxo kam

Jess - I’m a long time follower of Jessica Claire’s website and Kamee’s blog! I just love these images! I think you captured their personalities to a T!

Laurie K. - These images are truly magical! I can feel the love in this family by just looking at these pictures. What a wonderful gift you have given her. As always gina, beautiful!

cs - Sooo beautiful! I love the way you captured their interactions…and the beautiful scenery. What a cute family! Wish you could take my family portraits!

jackie - Great work Gina – I am in LOVE with that last image!

Jennifer Fields - These are beautiful. So fun to see Kamee’s family through your lens. Your work is always stunning. :)

Jules - It makes me laugh thinking about this story! glad you made it there to capture this beautiful family! I’m diggin’ her styling on these! gorgeous!
you did such a perfect job showing the love between them. I love the snuggle on the beach.

Debbie - Gina, beautiful work as usual!! I love that last image- I would frame that one for sure.

Amy Kelley - I see why Kamee choose you to photo her!!! You are amazing! Great shots;-)

alisha hammond - beautiful job gina! i love these! you are a rock-star photographer:) i love looking at your work! and this family is too cute for words:)

Jennifer N - There is a reason why photographers go to you! This is an awesome shoot. The composition in every image is just perfect! I am envisioning my family in these shoots. ha ha! Hurry and come visit me.

Michelle - Gina these are great!! You are right about Miss Kamme…she is the best and a truely amazing person. Great job on capturing her and her awesomeness!!

tamara - Love the story I can picture it all. Beautiful family photos

Janet Power - Loved reading your blog post. Beautiful images.

Alissa Ferullo - Ahhh, I love these! And I love Kamee. And these are precious, priceless treasures!! Beautiful shots, and truly, between G’s big grins, Kamee’s joy and L’s adorable chubby thighs, I’m smiling big time. Thank you for sharing! =)

junque design - Very sweet! I love the last one….I want to be there!

Rachel Clare - I had no idea you two knew each other! Kam, you’re gorgeous. Gina, wonderful work!!

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