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Baby C

This beautiful girl came all the way from Portland to take portraits and model the “Hazel Layette” by Eden’s Bouquet. She was the sweetest baby…  didn’t cry and looked straight into the camera for me. She is the first grandchild on her mom’s side and her grandparents were all over her.  They sang songs in Korean to her and kept her entertained while I snapped away.  She was not yet able to sit, but thankfully our stylist had some tricks up her sleeve so that she was somewhat upright. Is this girl adorable or what?

Stylist: Tiffany Snyder of Thank Chic, Santa Barbara
White Outfit: Hazel Layette by Eden’s Bouquet


Jules - love the styling of that last one! the pops of blue against the gold is just gorgeous.

sonia macak - totally adore especially the last one

Sharon M. - how cuuuuute!!

Rinah Kwon - So, so cute!!

Dan - my favorite is the black and white one!

lillian - nice work gina!!!!! the black and white shot is amazing!!!!

Kim - beautiful Gina, love the lighting especially in the last one. gorgeous location too!

John - as always they’re all great, but i especially like the second one. i can’t wait for our baby’s (?sophia?) photos….

esther’s dad looks like the man… with the sunglasses and scruffy beard.

matthew c - great pics! why does the first picture say gina oh on it?

Jessica - baby C is ADORABLE, danster!! =) the B&W and the last one are my favorites!!

connie - So adorable! i love the second picture :)

Jennifer N - Your clients and models are so lucky to have such a great stylist on board with your photography.

esther lee - love love LOVE them!!!! Gina, you’re absolutely the best!

Jen - What a yummy little thing! Beautiful images.

Amy Kim - adorable!! i love the look on charis’s face in the last one! love it.

hanna - the b&w is so precious. just wanna squeeze her cute ‘lil cheeks!

sam - =)!!!

judy kang - I love the last picture. She is adorable!!!

Tiffany - Pretty, pretty, pretty! :) She really was the best little one. Thanks for including me.

s h e r r y - AWW! SO cute! I also love the image in your header of the tutu + Converse wearing girl :) Cuuute.

Rachel Clare - These are gorgeous!! Those CHEEKS! What a doll.

sarah - that B&W needs to go up on the wall! E & D are lucky to have these shots of C.

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