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My Cutie Pies

These little cutie pies are taking up most of my time these days, so I will not be posting as often. They are only young once and I’ve decided that photography will have to take a back seat to spending time with my children. I am currently taking limited commercial work for spring of 2011. I’m not sure where I will take the direction of this blog, but not knowing is sort of exciting, don’t you think?


crave photography - Gina you are soooo in tune! Three of the cutest, most darling children EVER! I wish you the best no matter what direction life takes you!! You know I love ya to death, keep in touch sista!! What a HUGE talent and strong woman you are!!! Such an inspiration to me.

Jules - I totally get this! B, W and C and more than worth it! squeeze your babies extra tight!
love you!

Lillian - wow gina- i totally agree with your decision- they do grow up so fast. enjoy it all!

Jen - Good for you my friend!

danielle honea - awwwww so cute!! hope the get well soon!! I know this sounds silly, but (I don’t have kids) I feel the same way with my puppies!! they grow up so fast, and you never get that time back. you are doing the right thing!! best momma award goes to you! ;)

Jennifer N - You inspire people with your photography. But the real inspiration is demonstrating the power of being a mom. You are a good one and that is why you are doing this. It takes a strong person to know what is important and DOING something about it. Your kids are so lucky to have you as a mom and the bonus is they get awesome pics to freeze the memories that you are creating for them! I am with you in more ways than one, my twin :)

jennifer k - I’m a newbie mom of a 6 month old boy but 3 years into my photography business and I totally understand what you mean. I just recently found your blog and not only is your photography inspirational but so are your actions as a mother of these beautiful kids. <3 <3 <3!

elizabeth pellette - I think thats awesome and look forward to seeing what direction you take your blog.. Your kids are adorable and you are right.. they are only young once.. spend all the time you can with them and enjoy every minute.

sonia macak - oh .. so much love here .. I wish I can photograph your little man one day … I love his energy and face and heart .. and yours through his as well :) oh and I came up with an idea how to get that reading list down to you … haha .. just this morning … so obvious and easy … keep in touch soon

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