Fifty-two on Friday : [11] Game

Wecome to the eleventh installment of “Fifty-two on Friday” with this week’s theme being “GAME”.  You can see how I got started with 19 other FABULOUS photographers around the country by reading the story here.

My parents immigrated from Korea in 1973. Shortly after I was born, they brought over my grandparents for two reasons: 1) to babysit me 2) because it was tradition that the oldest son take care of the parents until death. Can you imagine going to another country where you didn’t speak the language and had to learn a new way of life? Well, it was hard on my parents, but I’m thinking that it was probably frustrating for my grandparents too. Thus, they held on to everything “Korean” including this game called “HWATU”. You can read about how the game works here. It’s not really a “good” thing seeing as many people use it to gamble, but my grandparents had nothing better to do, so they played this game EVERY SINGLE DAY.

When my sister and I got older, they taught us and the four of us played it EVERY SINGLE DAY. We had to keep it hush-hush because it was not something little girls were really supposed to do, but looking back, it does bring upon fond memories. My sister recently told my mother that we played “HWATU” every single day and her jaw dropped to the floor, lol. My sister and I are pretty good at this game. While playing, we learned a lot of Korean songs and Japanese songs (Japan had controlled Korea back then and my Grandfather was very fluent in Japanese as was everyone else of this generation), Korean swear words (though we didn’t repeat it and still don’t really know exactly the meaning of the words, lol), but most of all, we totally bonded with our grandmother and grandfather during this time.  Looking back, they were really good times, the four of us. I mean, really, who plays cards with their grandparents EVERY SINGLE DAY?!! So, this is what came to my mind with the word “game”. My mother is going to flip when she sees this, lol.

Now, let’s head on over to the east coast to see Melanie Pitcher Photography of Memphis, Tennessee to see what type of shot she got for “game”!

suz - we also ate ramen all the time and begged grandpa to have a sip of his coffee (or as he called it “cohpee”) and we still turned out normal….or at least that’s what i tell myself.

Jasmine Sargent - This is perfect Gina. What a great way to bond with your grandparents and such a great memory to have. You are luck to have spent every day with them. Now you have something from your heritage to pass on to your children!

Jolie Starrett - I love the tradition in this!

Rebecca Mitchell - What a sweet story Gina!

ang - i love the story behind this gina! love, love, love. i grew up playing games with my grandma, nightly when we visited (they lived 3000 miles away). such amazing memories for me, as for you as well it seems. beautiful!

kelsey {las vegas wedding photographer} - Love the story!

megan Cristello - love this… and love the story behind it… and i smile really big, when you said your mother was going to flip. love that…. :)

wendy - Love this story, Gina! My husband’s grandmothers only speak german and playing cards was about the only mutual activity we could do that didn’t require speaking each others’ language. I totally get it. And love this! I hope your mom comments. :)

Valeria - Awww totally love the story behind this, Gina!!!

shannon - love this story Gina. thank you for sharing such an awesome memory.

breeze - I really loved this, Gina. What an awesome memory, I’m so glad you shared it with us <3

Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - I love the story behind this – it’s so important to keep little parts of your homeland alive and thoese times must have felt so precious to your grandparents – and to you too – thanks for sharing

Stephanie Moore - Gina I love this story, it is so beautiful. What amazing memories you have to share with your kids. Hopefully you will keep the game alive w/ your family!

Lori - This is amazing – I love the story behind your image. I always love the images that have emotional connections the most. Your family history behind this game and image is so intriguing!

Jennifer Foster - love the story Gina! and very cool image to go with it :-)

Andrea - What a great memory with your grandparents and what a great way to share it. I always look forward to what you are going to come up with each Friday…

Melanie Pitcher - you were right, this is such a very very special shot!

Kara Jo {Memphis baby photographer} - love the meaning behind this photo:) Such a wonderful thing, that you got to spend so much time with your grandparents!

Gretchen - Oh I love the story and I love the images! Perfect for this week Gina!

elizabeth pellette - love this.. makes me miss my own grandma…

aubry - i so enjoyed the story that went along with this theme. it’s perfect, great shot.

Shannon - Love this! The color is great as are the light/shadows. Besides, I’m a sucker for a cool game shot. :)

Collette - Gina! I love this game!!! I can’t remember the name of it, but I love it! I haven’t seen that game in years! We need to chat soon…ttyl!

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