baby e

isn’t baby e just breathtaking?  her father was deployed just after her birth so we had to get these pictures done so he could see how beautiful she is.  thank you for serving our country, e’s daddy, and i hope these pictures put a smile on your face.





LOVE them Gina! Absolutely beautiful…

Cama Cathrae

Oh my goodness girl, you have been busy! Can I just say….stunning, stunning, stunning!!!


How awesome, she just looks so precious in all of them. I love the one with her eyes open. Well done!

Amanda Elkins

omg! That first image is too precious! great job!


Baby Ellie is beautiful! These pictures are soo cute. I can’t wait to meet the little princess!


This is such a cute photo! I love the green cap.


love that last one!


she’s beautiful

Heather Ash

Love the pic where baby e is enveloped in the crocheted? cocoon looking object


Wow, the picture of baby e with her eyes open is beautiful!!! You really caught the moment.


love the one with the green hat these are wonderful!

Laurie K.

Gorgeous, Amazing, Spectacular, Beautiful, Wonderful, Fantastic…

I just can’t come up with enough words to describe the absolute perfection of your newborn images!

cheryl judd

I love this picture!!! I can’t even handle it. It is just precious.

Elizabeth Moore

How precious! I love the expression on the last baby’s face!

Rachel C.

those baby pictures are SO incredible. Especially love the first image.


Such a perfect baby!! Thanks to baby e’s dad for serving!!!

Jenna Pitt

I love these pictures, esp the first one.

Ashley Hill

I love these pictures. I will soon be having my 3rd and want to get newborn pictures



Melissa M

This is so precious! What beautiful work!


Beautiful as always Gina (do I say that every time, haha). But really, they are. What a generous gift to give this family and I pray her daddy is safe while serving our country. Thank you to him and to his family for their sacrifices of all of us.

Holly rader

How sweet. I love the one with the green hat.

Becky J

I love these baby pics! I don’t have a newborn right now, but when I do again, I would love some pics like this!


I love the soft lighting

Ashley Keith

These pictures are amazing! My little girl just turned one month and I need her picture taken!

Nadine Valete

You captured extremely beautiful photos of precious Baby E!


These are Beautiful!!! Lovely job, Love that she was awake for some too!

Renae P

OH MY GOODNESS…WONDERFUL SHOTS!!! These are pictures I am sure will be cherished always. Beautiful pictures for a beautiful serving family!

Jennifer N

These images are breathtaking. Baby is so peaceful. Kinda ironic how you capture peace and her Daddy is fighting to keep our peace.


these are GORGEOUS – this baby is so adorable and your work is stunning as always! love the green hat! Lovely photos Gina!

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