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“What Evening Scooting Looks Like…”

Like so many other photographers that I know, my journey into photography began with a desire to capture my family in a real and beautiful way.  I wanted more than my, then, run-of-the-mill snapshots.   I longed for pictures of my kids that were worthy of the coveted space above the fireplace.  I wanted my house to be plastered with the connections between my children and my husband and I.  And I wanted to be able to provide those images myself.. 

So I delved into learning the art of photography with both feet, as well as both my arms, my neck, my entire body.  I took workshops, I spent hours poring over books at Barnes and Noble, I read online forums wee into the night.  I pointed that camera at my kids until all I could get from them was a big fat hand telling me that they had had enough. 

And then I started my business.  And it took off.  And I was busy.  So busy.  Taking pictures of families, and seniors, and babies, and kids. Other peoples’ kids.  Lots of pictures of other peoples’ kids.  My clients’ walls are filled with beautiful pictures of their families and their kids. 

And my walls are still empty.

That vision that jump-started my journey into photography is still a vision.  It has yet to be fulfilled.  Like so many of my fellow photographers, my vision sits, waiting for me to take the time to make it a reality.    Too often we are so busy working for clients that we miss capturing our own families as life passes by.  

 So I’ve decided that now is the time to fulfill my vision. 

I’ve been lucky to have met so many incredibly talented and wonderful photographers during this journey.  People who share the same desire to capture their own families in a real and beautiful way.  I’m teaming up with eleven of these women on a very personal and meaningful project called, “What ________ Looks Like.”

Our goal is to capture our own families in a real and beautiful way.  Some people call it “lifestyle”, some call it “real life”, some call it “unposed”.  No matter what you call it, our desire is to snatch the moments that represent the relationships, the dynamics, the reality, the beauty, the truth, and the life of our families and record them here on our blogs as well as in print at the end of the project. 

Each month we will each choose to fill in the blank with our word of choice.  Some of us may choose to use the same word all year and some may choose to change it up each month.  We will each link to the next photographer until our circle of 12 is complete. 

We hope this project inspires you to take more pictures of your own families so that those unique moments that make your family unique will never be lost or forgotten.


Every evening, my kids, husband and I hang out in our front yard.  We have a pretty good size driveway that the kids can bike and ride their scooters on.  On this particular evening, all three of my little ones decided to ride their scooters.  When I was shooting this series, it was very quick.  I didn’t shoot very many frames, didn’t fine tune my exposure or even follow my normal composition rules.  I just clicked – clicked – clicked.  Those clicks are now these photos which just bring a huge grin to my face.

What I want to remember…

* Wyatt CONSTANTLY getting in his sister’s way

* Bridgette’s need to go as FAST as she can

* All 3 of them singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” while scooting in the middle of summer…  (this is what happens when there is no change of seasons, people)

* Charlotte’s pigtails

* Charlotte lifting her leg and holding it up for a LONG as if she were an ice-skater holding a spiral

* Wyatt falling every 5 minutes NOT because he doesn’t know how to scoot, but because he is so careless and doesn’t watch where he is going

* The cool central coast breeze

* The smell of the eucalyptus trees

* Bridgette looking TALL

* Me telling them to go inside and shower and them begging me for 5 more minutes of play time…  which leads to me giving in even though I am tired from the day…

By the way, “scooting” is a word, I looked it up.  Sounds strange though, doesn’t it?  Lol…

Now, let’s see what my talented friend Christy Williams of Bradenton, Florida did this month.  I REALLY wanted to see her take on this project so imagine the grin on my face when she said “yes”!!  Her project might even be some film shots, let’s see…


brenda - Beautiful Gina! LOVE that you caught this! LOL!! You can clearly tell they are enjoying it. And I adore what you remember from it too. :) Now….let’s see you on a scooter! :)

Nichole Van - Love! Love that I can hear their voices and feel the wind, haha. And thanks again for this project! So fun!

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maureenwilson - How cute is that. what a wonderful way to end the evening!!

christy - Gina these are wonderful! You truly captured their joy. I am so honored to be a part of this project with you and cannot wait for next month.

crave photography - Gina, these are so special. You did a fantastic job capturing lifestyle :) I just love seeing those sweet faces!

Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - So cute Gina, I love this. My kids love to scooter at night too. Love your black and whites, fabulous job!

Sara T - SO much fun! Love all the conversions. These are beautiful.

Jennifer N - You know I love this series because you and I are twins and this is exactly how we spend our evenings. My 4 kids scooting and skittering (pretty sure that’s not a word since skitters aren’t so popular). Anyhow. When it comes to our family photos, composition, conversion, etc doesn’t seem as important because we just want the moments right? Well, talented you, you got both!

wendy vonsosen - Gina, this is wonderful! Your images, as always, are perfection. But my favorite part is the list of memories that you added at the end. Such a poignant reminder to journal along with this project. Well done!!

jules - what a perfect evening! love that they have all this space to scooter and race … brooks would love a space like that. beautiful job friend!

Megan - Stopping by on my way around this AMAZINGLY talented circle of photographers… Loving your scooter shots!! I just had to comment when I saw you are in AG. My mother-in-law lives in AG also. Im just down the road in SM. :)

And its true about the christmas carols in the summer. Gotta love the central coast!

Logan Wedding Photographer - Love the black and white! This circle of inspiration is awesome!

Jen from Windy Ridge - absolutely beautiful captures.

toki - Oh Gina, this is so precious! I’ve been so busy this summer and it’s nice to finally find some time to catch my breath. And see what you’ve been up to!!! Love watching YOUR kids grow up right before my very eyes. xoxo

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