Fifty-two on Fridays : [36] Laughter

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” ~ E.E.. Cummings

I admit, this is a photo from last year, but when I see the word “laughter”, this is the image that comes to mind. Why were they laughing so hard, you ask? Dad (my husband) was behind me making funny faces and dancing around like a clown. What would our home be like without laughter?

I have a feeling this week’s going to be a good one. Let’s start our weekend with a few chuckles… here is Breeze Floyd | North Stonington, CT photographer whose work takes my breath away.

Fifty-Two on Friday (week 36)|Tucson AZ Family Photographer « Tucson Wedding, Family, Baby, Senior Photographer – Stephanie Moore Studios - […] I love our theme this week. It is one of my favorite things to hear, laughter. My kids both have the cutest little laughs, it warms my heart every time I hear them. But the best laugh in our family goes to my husband. He has the most genuine and contagious laugh ever. My siblings and parents love to watch movies with him just to hear him laugh. I love when he is watching a show that he thinks is funny and I am in another room doing something, it makes me smile when I hear him. His laughter truly is genuine and I love that about him! My son has always had really deep expression lines, from the day he was born. When he laughs, or cries you can really see the lines in his face and really see his expressions. He is so giggly and ticklish, it is so fun! Now head over to Gina’s blog to see her laughter! Gina Maxine Photography|San Luis Obispo Photographer […]

Pam - What a great photo. The story behind the photo Gina captured, of Dad dancing around and making faces is fun.

breeze - Hahah! This is so funny, their expressions are priceless!

startin photo {phoenix photographer} - hahaha, love this!

wendy - Have I told you that you have the most adorable kids? Seriously.

maureenwilson - definitely lol funny!!

Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Oh my gosh I am laughing just looking at this. Your youngest is cracking me up, adorable!!!

Kelsey {Las Vegas Wedding Photographer} - Oh this is too funny!

Kara Jo {Memphis baby photographer} - oh your kids are adorable!!

brenda - I’ve always loved this one from you!

Shannon Harrison - Can’t help but chuckle looking at this one!

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