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fifty-two on fridays: [38] vintage

                                                     "Don't grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach." ~ Michelle Held

                         I love this week's theme.  I love dressing up my kids in vintage clothes, vintage props, vintage processing...
                         I was never really into "vintage" items until photography came into my life, usn't that weird?  Well, I have a feeling
                         that we will see many inspiring photos this week.  I am positive that Breeze Floyd | North Stonington, CT Photographer
                         will have a beautiful vintage masterpieces for us all to see.  Have a great weekend, all!!


Fifty-Two on Friday(Week 38)|Tucson AZ Photographer « Tucson Wedding, Family, Baby, Senior Photographer – Stephanie Moore Studios - [...] It’s Friday so it’s time for another 52 week project post. This week our theme is vintage. I love vintage clothing and especially that it is coming back in style. I wish I had more vintage clothing, I think it’s so timeless and classic. Vintage has really made a big appearance in the photography world, and I love it. This week I was trying to think of how I wanted to use the word vintage. I thought of Florabella Vintage actions which I adore. And how as photographers we can edit a picture to make it look more vintage. Shana, who creates Florabella actions, has the most beautiful vintage flower pictures. I decided to head to Trader Joes to get some flowers and take some pictures and give them a “vintage” edit. Now head over to Gina’s blog to check out her vintage picture. Gina Maxine|San Luis Obispo Photographer [...]

Jasmine - Adorable beyond words! Love it!

Val Spring - OMG I adore this! So perfect!!!

jules - oh my … i adore your little miss! she is perfect in vintage!

tamara - so cute LOVE that suit!!

startin photo {phoenix photographer} - too cute.. such a sweet pose.

Gretchen - Love and adore the way these colors come together. Perfect Gina! Who needs more than a minute or two?

toki - Love her!!!

Shannon Harrison - Love the hip pop. She’s too adorable!

Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - OH my gosh could she be any cuter? I love her swim suit!

collette - haha…i bought that SAME outfit for my baby in a bigger size so i could do a shoot like this later…love it!

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