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“What Swim Practice Looks Like”

I’ve been lucky to have met so many incredibly talented and wonderful photographers during this journey who share the same desire to capture their own families in a real and beautiful way. I’m teaming up with eleven of these women on a very personal and meaningful project called, “What ________ Looks Like.”

Our goal is to capture our own families in a real and beautiful way. Some people call it “lifestyle”, some call it “real life”, some call it “unposed”. No matter what you call it, our desire is to snatch the moments that represent the relationships, the dynamics, the reality, the beauty, the truth, and the life of our families and record them here on our blogs as well as in print at the end of the project.

Each month we will each choose to fill in the blank with our word of choice. Some of us may choose to use the same word all year and some may choose to change it up each month. We will each link to the next photographer until our circle is complete.

We hope this project inspires you to take more pictures of your own families so that those moments that make your family unique will never be lost or forgotten. ~ Wendy vonSosen

My son and daughter are both on the PUMA swim team.  They go to swim practice about three times a week and LOVE IT.  It’s such a huge part of week, that I decided to document it.

Things I want to remember…

1)  Stretching – Wyatt still doesn’t get the concept, haha…

2)  Kind PUMA Coaches

3)  Friendship (Bridgette & Emily)

4)  Wyatt yelling “Mommy, I did it” every time he swims 25 meters

5)  Charlotte being bored (she is one year shy of being on the team)

6)  Wyatt playing with my phone after his practice is done (Bridgette’s runs 30 minutes longer since she is in the bronze group)

7)  Eating snacks

8)  Me FREEZING to death because it’s less than 78 degrees (Yes, I’m a wimpy socal girl)

9)  Diving off the starting block

10)  Chatting with my friend Kate

Now, let’s see what my brilliant friend Christy Williams of Bradenton, Florida did this month. I promise you it will be FABULOUS!! Have a great week, everyone!!


Jennifer N - Your swim lessons look so much more fun than my kids’ swim lessons. I guess it’s because they are on a swim team. I love how it looks just like they are at a swim meet! Is that Wyatt (or B) in the 5th picture frame swimming in the lane? I can’t tell, but think so from his goggles. If it is, I am impressed. Side breathing and everything. Nice capture my friend.

crave photography - Oh my goodness if these aren’t the perfect images! You nailed it! He will certainly treasure these images forever!

Gretchen - Gina, these really speak to my heart! What a precious treasure to tuck these away and look at when you have a big talk lanky teenage boy. Love this series!

Wendy - I can not get enough of your kids! They are the cutest thing ever. Your conversion is brilliant and that shot of the kick boards lined up is perfection. And your son on the phone is precious.

christy - Gina, these are fabulous!! You did such an awesome job with these! I have so many favs but 8 and 9 are just jaw dropping. Amazing work and memories my friend :)

deb schwedhelm - love all of these so much. such a great series and such wonderful memories you’ve captured.

jules - when i finally get brooks on the swim team you better come down and shoot this same set for him. love all of your wonderful details. the clock (I can’t tell you how many HOURS i spent looking at a clock like that), kick boards, and those lane lines. i can smell the chorine when i look at these! :) beautiful job!

brenda - OK so the one of them standing up and stretching with their arms up…that makes me want to just poke his little belly! That is utterly the cutest thing I have ever seen Gina!! And the one with them lined up…the so need to use that as their promo…it’s genius!

Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - What a fun theme this month. I love your black and whites, they are perfect. Your kids are so cute, you did an awesome job lifestyling this month Gina!!!

joanne - love the phone photo!

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