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what solvang looks like…

Over Christmas, the OH family gathered in the central coast.  Half the people stayed at my home and the other half at my in-laws’ house.  All together, there were 23 people, the youngest being 8 months and Great-Grandmother Oh being 93.  On the Monday after Christmas, the family decided (well, I decided because I was tired of cooking, haha) to head on over to the Danish Village of Solvang.  It is about a 30 minutes drive from my house.  It is the cutest town EVER!!  I wanted to go through all the little shops, but with all the babies around, we knew that all we could handle was having brunch at Paula’s Pancake House and hanging out at Hans Christian Anderson Park.  If you’ve never had a Danish pancake, I suggest you head on over to Solvang and you must try them with apples.  They’re much larger in diameter and thinner and the syrup is thinner too…  really tasty.  So, this is what our family looked like in Solvang…

So, these kiddos above (+ one baby sleeping in the car) are the Oh babies.  Koreans have a family name and usually a two syllable name.  In each family, they have what is called a “Dol lim ja (돌림자)” – or a generational name.  There is a book which each family goes by and since it is only two characters, one of the two syllables is in this book that each family has.  My mother-in-law told me what the syllable was going to be for Bridgette when she was born.  I was lucky, I had first pick, haha.

So, for my husband’s generation, their “Dol lim ja (돌림자)” was Hwan, so his name is Seunghwan, his brother’s is Hyunhwan, his cousin’s name is Soohwan and so on and so forth.  For my kids and all  their cousins, their  “Dol lim ja” is “Seh” or “Sae”,  at the beginning of the name.  So here they are,  from left to right…  Sehnah, Sehjoon, Saebin, Sehrin, Saeyun and in the car sleeping is Saemi.  Oh, and my sister-in-law is pregnant so we have another “Seh” baby on the way, hooray!!

I hope you are enjoying this New Year, the year of the DRAGON!!  Please click on to my friend Christy Williams in Bradenton, Florida to see what was going on in the month of December!!



christy - Your family is so lovely Gina. Love your documentation, especially the swinging images. And that last shot of the kids….darling!! You always do such a great job at capturing your family and I am enjoying all that you share about your heritage!

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Nichole Van - So love this, Gina! I love seeing your family!

Jennifer N - I have yet to visit Solvang and want to even more now after seeing your post! Great captures!

Jules - what a fun day with your family! we love solvang and have so many wonderful memories. have you ever tried the ‘pancake balls’ … it’s one of our family traditions. delish! love learning about the family name. I didn’t know that. what’s yours?

Sarah Cornish - Gina you have such a beautiful family! What a fun amazing place too! It looks like you all had a blast! These photos are beautiful!

Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Love this Gina. Those treats looks delish and you did such a fantastic job of capturing the day!

Amy Lucy - It looks like a wonderful day! You have a beautiful family.

Sarah Oh - Gina I love this post. The photos, the blog, the family history…and the memories. It was really fun wasn’t it?? I <3 the last photos & am going to frame it for my house:). Miss you.

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