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Elevate – March

Welcome to our ELEVATE circle.  I have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO busy with the kids lately, it’s been crazy.  I promise to keep up with my blog this month, really.  For now, let’s welcome our newest member to our circle, Central California Photographer Paula Burgoon of PRB Photography.  Her work is AWESOME!!


Stacey Woods - This makes me ache for the ocean today. Oh to be out on one of those boats under that great open sky. Gorgeous work, Gina. Wow. (And your blog redesign looks amazing!) xoxo

Paula - so peaceful. after a week in cold Rhode Island, I could use a ride on a raft with a beer and a book. this is that, huh? and thank you for the welcome! so excited to be a part of the group!

Jennifer N - what a nice day for a nice picture. the clouds look like they were perfect just for you to get this shot.

martha schuster - oh gina…this is beautiful. what a lovely scene, and i adore your pp on this. this is so serene and soothing.

Marmalade - Like Stacey, this image makes me ACHE for the ocean. Beautiful scene, Gina.

Melissa Jean - Gorgeous! Where is this?

Tamara Burross - so beautiful! I love the sky and the processing. blog looks wonderful!!!

wendy - Just beautiful, Gina. I love how everything merges into the center of the image, the clouds, the ripples in the water, the boat masts. I so want summer to get here!

kamee june - the movement behind this image makes it so powerful. such a great study in perspective. i love the way you see all things, even boats on water next to a big rock!

elizabeth pellette - gorgeous

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