class of 2010 ~ leeann

i decided to venture out into the world of high school senior photography for a bit to see what it was like.  this is very different from newborn photography, but still a lot of fun.  it’s nice going to different locations around town and having the seniors show me their favorite spots.  and without further adieu, let me introduce you to my first senior of the class of 2010,  miss leeann:

g:  what high school are you graduating from?

l:  arroyo grande high school

g:  do you know what college/university you will be attending?

l:  i have no idea at this moment in time.

g:  what do you want to be when you grow up?

l:  i really enjoy science, i think i would like to be a doctor.

g:  what extra-curricular activities were you in?
l: i was on the tennis team.

g:  what is your fondest high school memory?
l:  having a non-prom party on prom night.  we went to several different homes that were having parties as a group of friends and the guys paid for it all.  there was only one couple and the rest of us were all single.  i will always remember non-prom night!!

congratulations, leeann!!  enjoy the rest of your senior year at arroyo grande high school and best wishes to your future!!

**25 comments from arroyo grande high school students will earn leeann a free 8×10 print!!**

Cindy - What a beautiful girl Gina! How lucky is she to have these wonderful images capturing her in her senior year! Great job!

Cama Cathrae - I can always count on my favorite photographer to have a new post! I love these, especially the last one! And again, you are amazing!

Jennifer N - I love the textures and the crisp images. Very nice and beautiful subject.

Janet - Amazing photos. What a beautiful senior girl.

Sydney - Super cute Leanne! You look gorgeous, and your locations are awesome!

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