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my baby turns 2 (part 2)

it rained today, so my plans for an outdoor session went out the door. little c was not keen on the idea of sitting still, so after 5 minutes she was done. let’s hope that the sun comes out tomorrow!!

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my baby turns 2

I can’t believe my baby is already two. Unbelievable. To celebrate, Miss C will be featured for the next five days on this site. Happy Birthday, Princess!! (Hollyn Whisper Dress by Eden’s Bouquet)

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Happy 3rd Birthday super w

It’s my son’s 3rd birthday, I can’t believe it.  three years ago, i pushed out a ten pound baby, yes you heard me, 10.3 pounds.  I took some pictures of my super W today and I was happy/sad.  Happy that he is growing up to be such a good little boy and sad that he […]

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