Los Angeles Garment District – Street Photography Part 1

Street photography has always fascinated me.  It is quite different from what I usually show in this blog, don’t you think?  I knew I couldn’t handle it myself, so I got some mentoring from Eric Kim.  He is awesome.  A lot of times, you end up going to a workshop and become disappointed because the photographer is not really a good teacher.  To find a great photographer as well as a great teacher is hard.  I was lucky.  Eric Kim is a fantastic teacher.   He can explain things so well and he walked me through the world of street photography.  My heart was pumping like crazy, I was SOOOOOOOOO scared.  Did I have fun?!!  Absolutely.  It definitely isn’t something that I would do every day, but I’m glad I got a taste of this world.  Here are a few shots from an afternoon in LA…


christy w. - Jumping for joy that you did this!!! What an amazing experience. Super jealous, ha! Street photography suits you. Hope to see more soon!


Did you have a wonderful 4th of July?  Dr. & Mrs. Chun invited our family over their orthodontist office where we had front row seats to the Santa Maria Fireworks Display.  Popcorn, cookies and lights in the sky.  Hope your Independence Day was just as fabulous!!