Sonnet Gown

This beautiful girl is wearing the Sonnet Gown by Eden’s Bouquet.
Floral Headpiece by Summer of Grey Likes Weddings.

Fifty-two on Friday : [22] Water

“Water is life’s mater and matrix,
mother and medium.
There is no life without water.”

~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

My husband ALWAYS lets me have control of the remote control.  ALWAYS.  I know, it’s weird.  Either he’s not a big TV person or he’s really sweet and nice.  I choose to believe that it’s the latter and he likes making me happy, but who knows, lol?!!  Well, since the remote is usually in my hands, we end up going to the food network because I love the night-time reality competitions on that channel.  One of my favorite shows is “CHOPPED”.  Have you guys seen that show?  It’s so much fun!  Those last few seconds when they’re all trying to plate their food, it’s so intense!!

Well, these chefs that compete on the show sometimes go out of their way to make a certain food THREE ways.  For example, say the secret ingredient is a potato… well, they showcase the potato by mashing, frying and baking the potato.  All in twenty minutes or so.  The judges love when the competitors do this.   This show got me thinking about how I could step it up a notch with this project.  Since this week’s theme was WATER, I thought, hmmm…  water comes in three forms:  solid, liquid and gas.  So, there you go.  Water three ways, lol.

I am so anxious to make the circle this week and see what the other photographers came up with.  Let’s start with the fabulous Dallas, TX Photographer, Jolie Starrett.  Have a great weekend, everyone!!

A Boy & His Dog

Back from the Aloha State

OH MY GOODNESS, time alone with my hubby for FOUR WHOLE DAYS…  SO MUCH FUN!!  Now back to the real world, which I love too!!  Here’s one for now…

Fifty-two on Friday : [21] Photograph a Stranger

“People are so wonderful that a photographer has only
to wait for that breathless moment to capture what he wants on film”

~ Weegee Dean Wean

I have new respect for street photographers and have now made it a goal to improve on this subject this summer. I’m thinking this gentleman is a painter, no? But then, he could be an actor? I have no idea? The mystery is what makes it all interesting, I think.

I am in Hawaii right now and will return this weekend. Please start our circle with the lovely Melanie Pitcher | Memphis, TN Photographer. School’s almost out, bring on SUMMER!!