beautiful mama

this is my friend, j.  she is expecting her 3rd baby in june.  doesn’t she look stunning?  i know i certainly didn’t look like this beautiful when i was pregnant.  can’t wait to meet your new baby!!



Jennifer N - Yes, J looks stunning. I too wish I looked that good. I didn’t want to take any pics when I was prego, but looking at these photos makes me regret not taking any. Memories like these are priceless, especially since you’re only pregnant for 9 months! She is so lucky to have these images!

~SarahInParis~ - I love these images Gina. The first one is just stunning!

Erin Christopherson - How Beautiful! What a sexy way to show a pregnant woman off. I love it, and wish I did that when I was pregnant.

vmsb - Love the 1st pic – what a wonderful way to celebrate pregnancy. Found you on Give Away Today.

baby c & baby g

this was my first time photographing twins. at 10 days old, they were such good little boys. mom also has another set of twin girls that are 3 years old. can you imagine two sets of multiples all under the age of 4? and she didn’t even have fertility treatment, they were all conceived naturally. if anyone can do it, though, it’s l. it was a pleasure taking pictures of your sweet little babies. enjoy and try to get some sleep!



Jennifer N - 3 words! TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erlyne - OMG!!! When can I make an appointment? All of these pictures are BEAUTIFUL. Great work!!!

Tiffany - How on earth did you get these amazing photos of 2 babies at the same time?? Serious talent.

susan dunn - Oh my gosh, they are beautiful! Where did you get these cool props? and do you just use a black/white backdrop in the house? I love these, they are total Anne Geddes…I mean Gina Maxine!

son - gina– the peas….. i’m dying……..

michele reyes - Darling idea.

miss a

this little girl has got to have one of the most outgoing personalities in the world.  i couldn’t stop laughing during the session, she was such a hoot!!  enjoy your sneak peek!!


Cindy - What a great location and cute little girl!

Jennifer N - Love the texture and the location and the little girl’s smile. She looks so sweet.

Debbie Grammer - So stickin cute!! You ROCK!!

baby L

hello, i am gina. gina maxine.  welcome to my blog.  i stumbled upon photography late in life. i never really had a reason to pick up a camera until i had my 3 wonderful kids, miss B, mr. W, and miss C. they are my inspiration. i could take pictures of them all day. at this time, i am shooting exclusively for “eden’s bouquet” , HOWEVER, i do make an exception for newborns.  i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE photographing newborns.  give me a camera, a newborn, and a bottle of pellegrino…  and i’m a happy camper.  speaking of newborns, here is a precious little girl who was an absolute angel through the entire session.  does this face make you want to have another baby or what?




(this is big sister, btw… took some pictures of her while baby L was feeding, isn’t she gorgeous?)

A special shout-out to the fabulous GRACE CHOI for designing my logo.  Click here to see her work.  THANK YOU, GRACE!!

amy - GINA! These are so amazing!! I love your header pictures, and the sun flare you have in the one of the ‘big sister’ is so beautiful, amazing colors.
i’ll email you tonight, miss you too, how is cali? loving it?


Jennifer N - So glad you started a professional blog. You need to show off those awesome pictures!

You are going to be an awesome newborn photographer!

The image of baby in white house is so pure! Amazing. I love LOVE it!!!

Debbie Grammer - This is just what you needed!! A place to showcase all your wonderful work. You have such a talent. Look forward to seeing more.

jackie - Whoo Hoo Gina!!! Looks amazing, I am so glad you are going for it:) Can’t wait to see more. Missin’ ya from AZ.

Aris Wells - LOVE IT!!!! love the colors you chose, love the logo and most of all love your work… go for it girl, you really have it in you…

great job!

Cindy - Congratulations on your business Gina!! Your photography business is going to FLOURISH in Central CA. Your work is beautiful and you truly have a talent for newborns!

susan dunn - Gina, you are so awesome!! I LOVE these photos, and the baby IS adorable. So proud of you, please let me know if you’re ever in town,would love to have you take photos of our kids!

Tiffany - Gina- I’ll never get tired of seeing these photos. They are gorgeous. You have the best eye. I’m so impressed with every photo of yours. Why did you have to move away from Arizona?

joyce y - wow! your photography is amazing, and the blog looks great too! come and visit and take some of my kids please!!!!

Veronica - Gina,

THIS IS AMAZING!!! I can’t believe you’ve had this in the works! I’m so proud of you! You’re a PRO all the way! You have a gift for newborn photography. I’m so happy you found your niche. You’re going to be very very very successful, I know it. =)

Veronica - oh… i LOVE the logo!